Today’s global marketplace is more fast-paced and competitive than ever before. Surviving and thriving require maximum efficiency across every business process.

But the more an enterprise grows, the more challenging managing efficient operations becomes. Even routine tasks like issuing paychecks or paying bills can become headaches when dealing with a large, distributed organization. Meanwhile, customer-facing workflows are even more vital to keep streamlined—even as their scale and complexity grow.
Discrete, unintegrated operational tools are no longer workable in a complex enterprise environment. These tools fall behind the speed-of-business, driving costly problems like inaccurate and unreliable reporting, excessive need for manual workflows, and chronic operational delays (often at the worst possible moment).

SAP has long been the industry leader in creating impactful software solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other core operational technology tasks. Now, with SAP available through cloud-based models, its power to rationalize complex enterprise ops is easier to implement than ever before. SAP not only helps rationalize operations but also build an adaptable organization where custom business processes can be rolled out and customized in less time than ever.

While the beating heart of SAP’s offerings is its ERP system, SAP ERP has evolved to act as a nexus for a cluster of more specialized applications for supporting complex business functionality. Modules for Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Contact Record Management (CRM), and more, can be built right into your SAP solution.

Jumpstart Your SAP Transformation with Oslo

Oslo Solutions is your SAP business transformation partner, providing technical consulting services, staffing augmentation, and full project implementation. All our services are geared to help you get the greatest possible value from your SAP solution. Our consultants understand the transformative potential of SAP-based tools, and they’re ready to make these benefits a reality for your business.

Oslo Solutions provides our customers with the robust set of resources, training, and tools they need to plan, implement and manage SAP-based solutions at any scale.

End-to-End SAP Partners: ERP and Beyond

Our SAP experts are ready for every phase of your SAP project, from helping choose the right product, to creating a plan for a digital transformation, to executing even the most ambitious ERP deployment. And we follow through with the support needed to ensure success, including upgrades, maintenance, and ongoing troubleshooting. With Oslo, you’re getting access to a full-service, fully scalable SAP team ready to tackle any challenge.

Ready to Deliver Enterprise Scale SAP Solutions

We maintain a deep roster of SAP-certified functional and technical consultants with experience executing multiple flexible delivery models for application support and maintenance. In fact, most of our team are former SAP employees—mostly senior, principal, and platinum SAP consultants. Our average consultant has over 20 years of implementation experience—our clients get centuries of collective knowledge brought to bear on their projects.

The Help You Need, When You Need It

We tailor our services to the precise needs of our clients. We understand that some organizations already have a knowledgeable SAP development team and are just looking for some help scaling up to handle a migration or performing quality assurance reviews. Other organizations, meanwhile, are looking for a true end-to-end consultant to take on every aspect of planning, implementing, and managing a major SAP deployment. From staff augmentation to staffing up in support of years-long, globe-spanning projects, we’re ready to go.

SAP Knowledge Across Diverse Industry Verticals and Business Units

From implementing ERP manufacturing modules to setting up global financial management systems, we know how to leverage SAP’s technology foundation to solve virtually any business problem. From the gritty details of the supply chain to human capital management for a distributed global workforce, SAP can do it all.

Our Approach

We’re dedicated to providing an SAP solution that not only works but also delivers on the promise of this powerful technology. That means delivering systems that proactively reduce the complexity of your enterprise’s processes and workflows—while remaining simple to manage, even across large organizations.

What Can SAP Do for You?


A reimagined SAP ERP suite for digital business

SAP Central Finance

A unique deployment option that allows you to access S/4HANA Finance as a sidecar to avoid disrupting existing ERP systems

SAP Cloud Platform

An open PaaS approach to cloud SAP solutions

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Planning made simple

SAP ERP Financials

Running all financial and managerial accounting processes through a single platform


Enterprise data management: consolidate and optimize.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Insight into complex business issues, when you need it

SAP Business Objects BI

SAP business intelligence makes it easier to access advanced data-driven insights through simple self-service portals

SAP Fiori

A new streamlined user experience for SAP software and apps

Why Oslo

With over 100 SAP team members across the globe, our experts can help implement complete ERP solutions at an enterprise scale. With experience managing projects for Fortune 500 companies, onsite/offsite/offshore delivery capabilities, and a proven ability to scale up, you can rest assured we’re ready to tackle any challenge with aplomb.

A Trusted SAP Partner

A Global SAP Silver Consulting Partner, Oslo understands the underlying technology inside and out. We know how to deliver results without wasting time, money, or valuable opportunities for optimization.