Oslo takes on the most cumbersome cloud chores to let your team focus on what it does best.

Enterprise-scale cloud service deployments can offer transformative value throughout almost every element of a business organization. This value, however, comes with a persistent management challenge: limiting the operational burden imposed by the cluster of administrative tasks associated with the cloud itself.

Often, these tasks are repetitive and detail-oriented, requiring constant attention but limited complex problem-solving. Nevertheless, many cloud deployments require specialized licenses that aren’t easy to source in the tight global market for tech talent.

At Oslo, we have extensive experience supporting our clients with full-service cloud operations support designed to meet these challenges head-on. We tailor our efforts to focus on eliminating the most inefficient tasks for our clients’ technology professionals, ensuring quality and efficiency through proprietary tools, smart automation, and proven best practices.

Cloud Operations: The Oslo Approach-Driven

Oslo understands that the inefficiencies imposed by cloud management tasks sometimes center on a scaling problem. Outsourcing cumbersome tasks to less costly resources require persistent access to a large pool of skilled professions with specialized certifications. But most enterprises only need a handful of cloud specialists at most, rendering this sourcing issue difficult to efficiently solve internally. Meanwhile, most businesses don’t support cloud services at a scale allowing in-house development of tools for automating cloud-management tasks.

Oslo has experience in overseeing cloud management responsibilities ranging from routine offsite administration to sprawling global efforts for major technology companies supported by dozens of Oslo team members. This scale enables Olso to bring unmatched talent-sourcing, automation, and practical experience to bear on our clients’ cloud management issues.

We maintain a deep roster of specialists with strategically selected certifications for supporting clients employing industry-leading cloud service solutions. Armed with a deep hiring database and customizable screening process, we’re able to rapidly scale our team up to support cloud management projects of virtually any size. Custom in-house training tools allow new resources to be on-boarded quickly and effectively while ensuring that existing team members can be retrained quickly if customer priorities change.

Optimal Cloud Management


Our team, assisted by machine learning and other automation approaches, handles management tasks with an efficiency that teams without special expertise are hard pressed to match.


We proactively identify key risks during each client’s cloud journey, developing a framework to avoid classic pitfalls and ensure a lightning fast, low-cost resolution for any unforeseen issues.


These workflows are tightly defined by client-specified outcomes, which we define concretely in terms of CAPEX/OPEX reductions, reduced workflow time, and other measurables.


To ensure forward-looking power, our enterprise cloud team has the data and computing infrastructure necessary to support AI-driven technologies as they emerge in one industry after the other.

Your Full-Service Migration Partner

Our full-service cloud management team supports your cloud services with the detail-oriented eye that an enterprise-essential infrastructure deserves.

This means 24/7/365 support, monitoring emergencies and critical performance issues, ongoing focus on optimization, and a commitment to enabling flexible scaling.

Specific representative services include:


DevOps-powered CI/CD


Security Management




Backup and
Disaster Recovery



Cloud Operations: The Oslo Approach-Driven

Our custom management tools and talented specialists can save money for any organization with a sizable cloud deployment, and all while minimizing the burden on our clients’ technology professionals.

Freeing in-house IT teams from the administrative burden of cloud management doesn’t just help control costs. It also helps drive innovation freeing up hands-on resources to focus on developing new solutions. Meanwhile, with access to our superior scaling capabilities, your team will be ready to respond to changing circumstances at a moment’s notice.

Ultimately, a full-featured cloud backed by a knowledgeable team transforms your organization into an enterprise where technology services react to emerging needs at the “speed of business.”

Cloud Advisory

Strategic and technology planning and advice. Work with industry experts to ensure a seamless cloud transformation

Cloud Migration

Move your legacy applications to the cloud seamlessly while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Cloud DevOps

Free your team from cloud admin tasks to focus on innovation