Oslo can help your team pick the right vendor, develop a plan founded on proven best practices, and fly seamlessly to a value-driven cloud deployment.

The selection, migration to, and management of an enterprise-grade cloud solution require specialized knowledge to be performed optimally. But maintaining a staff of cloud experts isn’t economical for enterprises in the vast majority of industries.

Targeted consulting engagements help your enterprise leverage Oslo’ deep knowledge of enterprise cloud solutions—knowledge hard won in support of ambitious cloud-driven initiatives across the globe. We offer a full-featured set of cloud services, including the ability to take on migration and operations management tasks when necessary, and bring this practical knowledge to bear in our consulting engagements.

Our consulting services provide an option for engaging with our cloud experts while keeping execution of cloud migration and management tasks in-house.

What We Do

Whether it is a thorough cloud viability assessment or choosing the right solution and vendor for an effective transition, we work with you to make your cloud journey successful.

The Oslo Cloud Advantage

Oslo ’s consulting team is well-versed in most leading cloud platforms. Our cloud advisory services are geared to drive tangible cost savings, forwardlooking flexibility, hassle-free security compliance, and consistent performance in support of mission-critical applications.

We have experience in overseeing major migrations, transforming existing cloud deployments that aren’t pulling their weight, and preparing strategic plans and vendor selection criteria. We’re there to help no matter where your enterprise currently stands in its journey toward cloud-native power.

Tailoring the Cloud to Your Business

Our custom-built assessment tool helps define value-centered cloud options for your enterprise.

Elements of an Impact Assessment Engine



Highly Conifgurable Engine



Masters Questionnaires Bank



Custom Questionnaires



Offline and Online Ways to Inport Data



Automated Analysis



Quantitative Customizable Score Cards



Intuitive Customizable Reporting

Comprehensive Advisory Services

Our consulting teams ensure your initiatives are primed for success every step of the way

Cloud Strategy and Planning

Evaluate potential options, cost out alternatives, and draw on our experience to define a cloud journey that delivers optimal value. From design to migration planning, architecture to security assessments, we’re there to help every step of the way. And, with our full arsenal of cloud services, we can always step in for more direct assistance if required.

Cloud Transformation Planning

From re-engineering existing cloud systems to assessing your organization for transformative opportunities, we can help align your organization’s approach to the cloud with your broader strategy. We pair a fascination for innovation with a hard-nosed commitment to risk mitigation, quality control, and meticulous planning and execution.

Cloud Evaluation and Selection Planning

Draw on our experience to select from a veritable sea of cloud vendors, carefully aligning selection to project criteria. We review your application usage, infrastructure, and overall cloud readiness, selecting a vendor only once a broader plan and cost-benefit assessment are in place.

Cloud Service Portfolio

Cloud Migration

Move your legacy applications to the cloud seamlessly while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Cloud DevOps

Streamline the idea-to-implementation process and out-innovate the competition.

Cloud Ops

Free your team from cloud admin tasks to focus on innovation.