Harness Oslo’s deep cloud expertise, expansive toolset, and deep roster of dedicated experts.

Cloud-based technologies offer transformative potential efficiencies but can also present a cost-risk and administrative burden if not properly managed. That’s why some of the biggest names in tech call on Oslo’s enterprise cloud team.

Oslo is a true full-service cloud partner. From strategic planning to migrating key legacy apps to the cloud to facilitating full-scale cloud-driven transformations, we can tackle complex problems fast, avoiding classic pitfalls and saving your valuable tech professionals from the most repetitive chores.

Oslo Cloud Technology Services

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Oslo: The Right Way To Get Your Head In The Cloud

The enterprise cloud is no longer just about cost management and scalability. While those benefits remain profound, the rich built-in feature-set offered by today’s cloud platforms is driving more and more applications simply for the ease of use and rich-integrability that cloud-native applications can offer.

In this environment, offerings of major cloud vendors are evolving more rapidly than ever. The ongoing potential for disruption remains extreme, and an endless stream of new hardware and software technologies makes evaluating different options difficult.

To survive and thrive in this chaotic but promising market, organizations need a deliberate approach to long-term cloud strategy, now more than ever.

Cloud Transformation Philosophy

We ensure that our clients are ready to face new markets, disruptive challenges, and market-dominant incumbents while being agile, market- driven and responsive to customer demands.

Core Service Areas



Consulting | Design | Readiness Assessment



Implementation | Migration | Development



Managed Services | Brokeraged Services | Support

Cloud Advisory

Managing your cloud journey is not just a technological challenge, but a logistical knot requiring intense short-term talent sourcing and complex long-term planning. Oslo’s cloud advisory services help align business and IT goals, using a proven toolkit to assess enterprise application portfolios, develop business cases for cloud adoption, and proactively plan for change.

Oslo’s expert consulting practice has proven its ability to deliver cloud roadmaps tailored to unique business objectives, plans resulting in documented improvements to efficiency, a more agile and innovative organization, and broad-based CAPEX/OPEX savings.

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IT Portfolio Assessment

Our approach to moving your applications to the cloud or deriving efficiency for your enterprise apps on the cloud involves choosing a small application or a slice of your application and proving it through a POC in weeks before working on larger apps on the cloud.

Business Case Development

Data is the lifeblood of your enterprise application. We ensure seamless data flow between your enterprise app and your application on the cloud. Our data management advantage ensures you are ready for the AI world while ensuring data privacy and compliance with data privacy laws.

Cloud Adoption and Transformation Strategy

All of our services are driven by defined outcomes in efficiencies gained, money saved, work made faster or ability to drive innovation. Clear and measurable objectives are the are a critical element of our work for our clients.

Organization Change Management

Our work is not only built for short-term benefits but also helps you drive long-term innovation. The platform we set to bring you ahead of your competitors and the support we offer help you focus on innovation.

Cloud Compliance Management Consulting

Oslo believes that AI is a game changer for your industry, no matter which industry it is. We work to ensure that applications which we migrate to the cloud or rebuild to take advantage of a better cloud technology are ready for deep learning whenever you are.

Cloud Security Management Consulting

Our work is integrated with the best practices for risk management at every stage. We work with you to proactively identify key risks during your cloud journey, developing a framework to avoid these pitfalls and ensure agile, painless response to any unforeseen issues.

Cloud Engineering

The decision to move an enterprise application to the cloud is not made in isolation. It involves crucial variables like cost, vendor, and the potential for operational disruptions. Oslo’s cloud team understands how to build a plan that’s tied to business realities. We choose the right cloud provider and deploy the right infrastructure to support your project budget and achieve project goals.

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Cloud Application Services



Move to the cloud with simple configuration changes and rehost on the cloud. Leverage your institutional know-how and reduce operational costs.



Change your app to run on cloud infrastructure. Leverage past strategic investments in your app while taking advantage of the cloud.



Modify or extend existing code base to support legacy modernization requirements. Then use rehost or refactor options to deploy to the cloud— the best of both worlds.



Rebuild the solution on PaaS, discard an existing application and re-architect it using modern DevOps systems built for the future.



Discard an existng application and use commercial software delivered as a service from Oslo. Offset development and maintenance costs.

Cloud DevOps Support

DevOps methodology answers the need for technology development practices that can react with agility to emerging business problems, offer unprecedented customer-driven responsiveness, and enable innovation without sacrificing meticulous quality control.

Oslo’s DevOps management service helps you install this methodology in your organization. It chooses the right tools and ensures you have the support you need to build more reliable and dynamic applications.

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Cloud Operations Support

Most enterprises only need a handful of cloud specialists at most, rendering efficiently handling cloud management tasks at scale a serious business problem.

Oslo has experience in overseeing cloud management responsibilities ranging up to sprawling global efforts for major technology companies. This scale enables Oslo to bring unmatched talent-sourcing, automation, and practical experience to bear on our clients’ cloud management issues.

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Why Oslo

Oslo is a data-driven, AI-first and cloud-native company. Through our work with some of the most innovative names in tech, we have cultivated the experience and expertise to help you start on your cloud journey, migrate mission-critical apps to the cloud and improve the performance and efficiency of your current cloud solution.

Expert Cloud Talent

Oslo’s world-class cloud professionals combine cloud knowledge with sector-specific experience. Our cloud services are supported by hundreds of professionals who work in our Cloud Center of Excellence.

Technology Advantage

We are experts on both public and private cloud environments and have the tools to automate your cloud journey. We partner with some of the best cloud platforms makers and tool developers to ensure you keep pace with the latest innovations and support.

Leverage Your Existing Investment

We provide you with greater clarity and help you understand which tools and technologies can help you realize new efficiencies from your applications, and how your business can derive more value from the cloud.

Speed and Flexibility

We deliver POCs in weeks instead of months, all while keeping work tightly compliant with project imperatives.

Improved Productivity

Free up your talent to work on strategic initiatives by letting Oslo manage your cloud migration and administrative chores. Let your experts focus on innovation.

Deployment Infrastructure

Hardware and software options let you scale up quickly while also reducing your capital investments.

Cloud Service Portfolio

Cloud Advisory

Strategic and technology planning and advice. Work with industry experts to ensure a seamless cloud transformation

Cloud Migration

Move your legacy applications to the cloud seamlessly while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Cloud DevOps

Streamline the idea-to-implementation process and out-innovate the competition.

Cloud Ops

Free your team from cloud admin tasks to focus on innovation.