Area’s of

  • Azure Mobile Svcs

  • Azure Storage

  • Azure ML

  • Azure Media Services

  • App Svc

  • Hosted Stacks

  • CI/CD, Container Svc

  • Virtual Network, TM

  • Hybrid deployments

  • Data Storage

  • Monitoring

  • Microservices

  • Customer Support Analytics

  • Dev Ops/Support

  • Service Bus

  • Service Fabric

Azure Cloud
Migration Expertise

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    Gather The Business Requirements

    Multi tenancy an option? Or does the customer wants isolated tenant within the cloud

    What kind of compute application– a regular ASP.NET, legacy 3 tier architecture, SOA, distributed micro-services etc.

    What levels of security and compliance?

    Hybrid vs Complete Azure deployment

    Resource and cost optimizations

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    Plan For Scalability and Reliability

    Consider if various components are tightly coupled, try to decouple

    Implement an efficient caching mechanism

    Evaluate data storage & indexing options.

    BCP Plan: High availability & Disaster Recovery

    Monitoring & Live site engineering (dev-ops)

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    Lifecycle Mgmt

    Upgrade scenarios – Rolling upgrades, feature implementations, code vs config

    Maintain multiple versions of applications across regions

    Blue Green deployments (Staging , Production envs)

    Plan for rollback scenarios

    Tools for deployment automations

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    Build proof of concepts

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    Continuous integration & deployment

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    Consider re-engineering some of the components for e.g. upgrade of .net framework or breaking down monolithic apps into smaller micro-services

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    Migrate larger apps in phases. Choose MVP portion of the stack to be migrated

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    Implement Identity and Network layer security

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    Enable logging and diagnostics early in the SDLC

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    Hybrid deployments might need data access to on-premise & cloud components. Consider using hybrid storage like StorSimple

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    Evaluate data model to identify relational & non-relational schemas. Consider Azure SQL , Azure Storage respectively

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    Consider sync mechanisms while transferring data to minimize downtime for cut and switch operations

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    Storage queues or Service bus, subscribe/publish scenarios

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    Check for Network bandwidth for larger volumes of Data migration, consider connecting on premise to virtual networks for faster migrations

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    Perform functional testing

  • null

    Consider performance testing and compare with on premise solutions

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    Optimize the cloud solutions depending upon the test results

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    Use Automation testing frameworks for reliability on testing cloud migrations

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    Analyse diagnostics and logging

    DRI training

    Incident tracking & reporting

    RCA & bug fixes

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    Setup automated alerts

    In cloud capacity



    Security and compliance

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    Setup monitoring for the application

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    Verify auto scale parameters


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