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Oslo develops and delivers best-in-class solutions to suit our customer’s unique business requirements and strategies. Based on the Plan, Construct and Operate model, Oslo’s comprehensive portfolio of offerings spans the complete life-cycle of SAP enterprise solutions — enabling you to transform, enhance and optimize your business processes.

Oslo has deep expertise in rolling out end-to-end ERP solutions with multiple technologies including to meet their business goals and objectives from strategic planning, business process consulting, project implementation and support. We design, build and run solutions that are tightly aligned with client business objectives; drive toward tangible, measurable business results; and build the capabilities that allow them to sustain and extend business improvements.

We offer innovative solutions to clients across industries and geographies together with client-centric pricing and delivery models. Leveraging enhanced frameworks, mature methodologies and the rich expertise of our technical consultants, we create superior applications that enable businesses to transform. In addition to providing Solutions, we offer technology training to ERP professionals helping them propel their careers forward in the industry.

Oslo and SAP: A value added partnership

Oslo delivers the experience of Excellence, High Productivity, Increased Customer Satisfaction and Lower Cost with our robust connected competency solutions.

Our SAP Implementation Services brings together a careful mix of Business understanding and Domain Expertise along with Technology depth to deliver solutions to our customer’s needs be they Growth enablement, productivity enhancement, Efficiency improvements or cost reduction.

Our 3 Key SAP Focus Areas

Business Value

Driving measurable results is our key objective. We deliver cost-effective, high-quality SAP solutions through a range of tools, methodologies and other assets. Our Delivery Suite for SAP offers reliable implementations based on our experience delivering more than 10 SAP projects a year with Increased Customer Satisfaction and Lower Cost. investments

Technology and Innovation

We differentiate our SAP solutions by investing in innovation: illuminating the ERP landscape and ongoing trends; and envisioning the next generation of SAP solutions. Our technology centers for SAP Solutions are hubs for learning, modeling, research and developing new solutions and assets.


Ensuring we have the quantity and quality of skills and resources to meet client commitments is our most important investment. Our SAP practitioners—numbering more than 100 globally—are continuously expanding their capabilities and benefit from our significant investment in training.

Solution Focus

We provide wide-ranging service offerings around the complete SAP solution portfolio:

Implementation (Plan/ Design/ Build/ Test/ Run)

Application Management



Enhanced Services

Training & Outsourcing

Our services range from technical implementations to enterprise-wide transformational change initiatives supported by proven solutions and a full spectrum of strategy, digital, technology and operations services.

SAP ERP Implementation

Leveraging the experience in SAP Best Practice driven implementations, we have developed a whole range of high quality templates across various verticals. This coupled with implementation accelerators has helped us ensure Indian and Global companies successfully implement huge, complex SAP systems effectively through our end-to-end SAP services portfolio.

We have worked with customers from process and discrete manufacturing industry like Life Sciences, Chemicals, Component Manufacturing, Food Processing and Consumer Products as also those in Logistics and Professional Services. Given our focus on understanding customer’s business challenges and designing an appropriate solution specific to their needs, we retain an ability to work across current and new verticals, well.

SAP ERP Application Management

Services Managing SAP landscapes in any organization – Large and small is a Mission Critical exercise. Ensuring productivity improvements, delivering operational excellence and enhancing usage/leverage of the implementation is a challenge in front of IT and Business teams. This challenge is compounded with increased user demands and IT budget constraints. Oslo’s Application Management Services (AMS) delivers on these exacting requirements while allowing IT and Business teams to meet newer challenges and effectiveness requirements.

SAP Rollouts

Our implementation methodology and expertise in deliver standardized and robust implementation makes us an ideal choice for global and regional & country rollouts.
Our SAP consultants have global experience, having delivered high-quality SAP implementations within time and budget for customers.
We have the ability to conceptualize and put together in an appropriate template for such Rollouts. We are equally adept at understanding and customizing an existing template of the customers for enabling the rollout.
Our tested approach optimizes rollout duration and leverages our experience in multi-location rollouts. This results in a faster pace of the rollout process, also maintains the standard business practices, translating into a better ROI for customers.

SAP Upgrades

We offer solution upgrade services that will help customers avail the latest SAP solutions, quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal risk. A timely upgrade can reap in multi-level benefits to your organization. For ex. If customers are running older versions of SAP R/3, it is the right time to upgrade to SAP R/3 Enterprise – or even to the power and flexibility of mySAP Business Suite. This also helps customers leverage the advantages of SAP NetWeaver, the comprehensive integration and application platform.

Enhanced Services

Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Business continuity planning is a critical part of ensuring that mission critical business services like SAP is available to users across the organization in spite of a variety of infrastructure, people or nature related risks. This is a large mosaic and careful attention to detail is needed. Oslo has a deep understanding of this area and has developed expertise across many business critical installations. Strategy, Planning and Execution are all critical to ensure that appropriate care is taken to counteract interruptions to business activities and to protect critical business processes from the effects of major failures or disasters. Risks must be reduced to an acceptable level through a combination of preventative and corrective controls. Contingency plans must be developed and implemented to ensure that business processes can be restored within the required time-scales. These plans must be maintained and tested regularly.

Validation Services

Leveraging on the domain knowledge and expertise our consultants in the Life Sciences and Chemical domains, we are in a position to provide SAP software validation services for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Life Sciences including Medical Device industries. Regulatory experience in key and Oslo is able to bring to bear this key expertise.
Oslo validation services are configured to address full or partial validation needs as required.

Training & Outsourcing

Different employees use SAP in different ways. Forcing experienced users to take basic training, or throwing specialized information at users who will not employ it, wastes precious time and money and can discourage adoption. We help to tailor your training accordingly and plan for role-based training customized to users’ unique requirements.

We also offers the full spectrum of outsourcing services for organizations using SAP, including business process outsourcing, application outsourcing, infrastructure outsourcing and shared services.

Industry Focus

Beyond providing horizontal ERP solutions, we also have industry-specific SAP capabilities for a broad range of vertical including:





Food & Beverage




Transportation & Logistics

Mobile Application Development

The emergence of mobile revolution has brought significant implications for enterprises, corporations, institutions and individuals. Building and implementing right strategy for leveraging mobile technologies is a major business challenge for enterprises today. With the prolific growth in mobile devices, it is changing the expectations and demands of employees and customers and it is happening at a rapid pace

Business operation application can be compatible with mobile platforms for enhanced customer advocacy and augmented business value. Oslo Solutions provide enterprise back end applications with information systems anytime anywhere for mobility solutions with strategy, implementation and test automation to leverage the technology to drive your business.

Cloud Solutions

To boost a real-time trade, leveraging SAP HANA provides clients with the differentiation of SAP’s analytics and mobility capabilities, which will help in, enable greater technology and business performance.
This private cloud solution for SAP can intensely shorten the time and reduces both operational and capital expenses through a fixed price solution to provision new SAP environment.
Oslo Solutions has implemented a private cloud solution specifically for SAP that aims to meet the needs that leverage a complete set of services that guarantees fast solution delivery while assuring that your business needs are met.
Oslo Solutions is one of the SAP’s major implementation associates and a leading innovator in the use of technology to deliver SAP environment with high performance, cost-effective and scalable cloud infrastructures and business processes.

Best Practices

Oslo has over the years developed a host of accelerators and Best Practices that is a culmination of our years of experience in working successfully with our customers. We apply these while designing and implementing appropriate solution, so that our customers can leverage this experience, successful methodologies and cost-effective strategies to derive maximum value and Business impacts.

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