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Big Data and Analytics

Analytics for Everyone

You spend considerable time analyzing data, but are you delivering the most critical insights?

Does data analytics matter?

Data impacts every facet of a business, whether it’s creating a highly targeted marketing campaign or detecting incidences of fraud or identifying risk indicators. Each situation presents unique analysis challenges that traditional methods are hard pressed to solve.

It’s all about the data.

Collecting, preparing and analyzing streaming, fragmented data is no small task. The data volumes can double every few months. And, the data is complex—often in hundreds of different semi-structured and unstructured formats. With every minute, the data continues to grow and evolve. To gain “big” insights, it is imperative to effectively manage and analyze all structured and unstructured data together. In other words, analyzing all customer data over time, across all channels and at one time.

Why Oslo Solutions?

Oslo Solutions provides the data analytical tools you need to ensure you make the right decision at the right time based on the most critical information available.

Our Business Process Analytics solutions integrates technology, process and people across your complete business eco-system to uncover patterns, trends and critical insights that enable you to achieve greater success.

Of course, analytics isn’t one size fits all. Every company is different. That’s why Oslo Solutions delivers a wide range of self-service offerings, empowering your enterprise to better understand data, share insights and make well-informed decisions.

What We Do?

Aggregate Unstructured Data

Aggregate, integrate, analyze and visualize all structured and unstructured data in one place -from spreadsheets and databases to Hadoop and cloud services.

Develop Intuitive Interfaces

Develop & deploy intuitive user interfaces that enable smooth interaction with data to evaluate and better align investments with business objectives.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Enable you to discover and unlock actionable insights to ask the right questions while promoting a culture of fact-based decision-making.

Deliver Adaptive Technology

Deliver proven technology that adapts to any domain, producing immediate operational results, improving resiliency and enhancing agility.

The Oslo Solutions Approach


All data, regardless of source


The data you have, even across a billion rows


Data quality issues that slow analytics


Data the way you need it


Data so you can meaningfully answer questions


Multiple data sets without coding, scripting or sampling


Clean, complete and contextual answers in any BI tool or analytical application


Credit Risk Management | Operational Risk Management | Market Risk | Compliance & Governance | Collections & Fraud

  • Manage enterprise and regulatory risk more efficiently by making risk-aware decisions using a single integrated solution.
  • Leverage real-time access to accurate, integrated credit data, enhance decision-making and maximize financial performance.
  • Increase return on capital by making risk-informed decisions on capital allocations.
  • Accelerate and streamline risk processes to reduce costs from credit losses and manage operational risk.
  • Create a risk architecture that efficiently adapts as risk management practices, client demands and regulations change.

Acquisition Models | Competitor Analysis | Customer Segmentation | Spend Analysis | Marketing Performance Analytics | Social Media Analytics

  • Target customers with highly relevant offers across all channels, including digital, mobile and social.
  • Better understand customers in the context of their individual relationship with your brand.
  • Better predict churn and take appropriate action.
  • Engage with customers through the right channel with the right message at the right time.

Call Center Analytics | IT Management | HR Analytics | Supply Chain & Procurement | Marketing Performance Analytics | Social Media Analytics

  • Predict issues before they impact service and cause outages. Optimize IT and application infrastructure to meet service levels.
  • Maximize productivity and profitability, improve processes and meet customer demands in real time across the organization—from product development and manufacturing to purchasing, human resources and more.
  • Optimize production and distribution channels, overcome short-term stresses or unexpected marketplace changes.
  • More effectively allocate capital and human resources where you need it, when you need it.


Oslo Solutions allows us to provide all of the analytics options our customers are looking for. They are able to dive into the information they need, find insights and use those insights to drive better decision-making.

Oslo is one of the first companies that makes something very hard become very easy.

What I would say to someone who is contemplating a purchase of Oslo is you are getting an enterprise-level solution, an enterprise-level relationship with the company and it does exactly what it says it’s going to do.

Customer Success Stories

Lowering Customer Acquisition Costs

A major credit card company wanted to create more relevant, targeted ads and increase digital advertisement conversion. This required analyzing all ad click stream data to gain a deeper understanding of high-value customers – and using these insights to deliver more targeted campaigns that would boost wallet share.

Oslo correlated data on customer purchase histories, customer profiles and customer behavior collected from social media sites, plus transaction histories and Facebook “likes” to identify hidden patterns. A patterns was identified indicating a large percentage of their high-value customers regularly watched the Food Network and shopped at Whole Foods.

Amore personalized advertising strategy was defined by running ads on the Food Network channel and special promotions for Whole Foods customers. This resulted in reducing advertising costs by $3.5 million annually.

Accelerating Customer Acquisition

A global financial services company uses big data analytics to perform clickstream analysis on their digital advertising to create more targeted ads to improve conversion and ensure the different business units are not over-targeting consumer segments.

Oslo Solutions collects and processes data from four to five billion advertising records per month across all business units. Now company analysts and business managers are to run everything from basic to sophisticated analytics without the need for programmers.

Using customer segmentation analysis, they found that 60% of the overall company advertising budget was focused on only 4% of consumer segments. They reallocated budget to other consumer segments to increase ad conversion. Now they can trace 50-60% of the people who receive their ads based on cookies, and they have increased advertisement conversion 25% by creating more targeted ads for each consumer segment.

Predicting & Preventing Cutomer Churn

A financial services company wanted to understand client behaviors that indicated potential churn, especially as people approached retirement. They also wanted to identify and track specific behaviors of customers who were considering moving their retirement funds to a competitor. Historically, the bank successfully retains 50% of at-risk customers by proactively reaching about their wealth management

Oslo Solutions accelerated and simplified data collection and preparation – especially for users with little Hadoop experience.

Marketing identified specific customer behaviors that signaled when a customer is likely to transfer their account. By correlating data, they were able to determine the statistical relevance of each activity or combination of activities that created a risk score for customer churn, as well as identify patterns of customers at risk of churn. The company now reaches out proactively to these customers, offering their wealth management products at the right time. And as a result, customer churn has been reduced by 50%. And, Oslo Solutions kept that promise. Using Oslo, marketing was able to integrate and analyze all data in less than three hours. Marketing was able to identify specific customer behaviors that signaled when a customer is likely to transfer their account. For example, they found that customers are more likely to churn if they had recently called the call center for information with an outside financial consultant on the line; requested a change in address, workplace or power of attorney; or recently browsed the company website for forms. The bank then pulled multiple data sources together to build out activity paths for each client. They tracked clients’ specific activities and whether these activities ultimately led to a transfer or withdrawal. By correlating data, they were able to determine the statistical relevance of each activity or combination of activities that created a risk score for customer churn, as well as identify patterns of customers at risk of churn. The company now reaches out proactively to these customers, offering their wealth management products at the right time. And as a result, customer churn has been reduced by 50%.

Increasing Revenue per Customer

The consumer cards division of a major financial services company needed a faster way to analyze billions of customer attributes to better understand the customer journey and systematically engage with customers in ways that boost revenue per customer. Their prior solution took 36 hours to process 0.7 billion data – far too long for this amount of data. At the same time, they wanted to move to an analytical tool that would empower more of their end users to generate insights without requiring IT and analyst assistance; business users were easily overwhelmed by their existing tools and required a significant investment in training before using them.

After evaluating a wide range of competitive solutions, they chose Oslo. Now, the credit card division can analyze seven times more customer attributes (or 5 billion attributes) in just 51 minutes, which is 95% faster than they could analyze a much smaller data set with their prior software.

Marketers can analyze so much more data at once, they have a much more precise understanding of the customer journey. And they are using these insights to systematically acquire more customers, prevent credit card fraud, improve cross-sell and upsell results and reduce churn. These outcomes have resulted in a higher revenue per customer.

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